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I take time of my busy life to tell you I will be blogging about the IATEFL Birmingham 2016. It will take place between April 13 and April 16.

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I teach naked at my school.

Would you like to go to your school and teach naked?

Actually, I do.

Please, don’t judge me. I’ll explain you what I mean.

It is true that I teach “naked”. Don’t think I arrive at school and take off my clothes. What I mean when I say naked, is that in our school we don’t have access to that beautiful and powerful tool that everybody is talking about: technology.

I must admit that technology is more accessible everyday, it makes our lives more comfortable, it is a very useful tool in the field of education, and that I love it.

But, have you ever thought about those places where electricity is not available? Have you been to a school made out of wood? Have you taught in any rural school?

There are lots of schools where technology, and even the most basic services such as electricity are not available. This is not privative of Mexico, but it is the real thing for many countries in the world, specially those called “emergent economies”. -Due to their characteristics, those countries are evolving into a better one. Unfortunately, there are big socioeconomic differences in the population that lead to this deficit of opportunities.

English language is being taught all over the world, specially on those emergent markets. As a result of the process, English in such countries is really important in the process of globalisation.

People want to learn English in someway or another. In some cases governors realise that they need to implement changes in order to satisfy that demand. Unfortunately, here is the problem, we speak of the use of technology into the classroom indistinctly; we tend to forget our reality.

That is why, me and my coworker at “Isaac Arriaga” Rural Elementary School, in Morelia Michoacan, present an easy to develop technique that has been forgotten.

Claudia and I will be presenting our workshop “Teaching naked just with drawings” at the First Anglo Forum in Mexico city on February 23rd.

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Teaching Adults

Is there any adult in your class?

If you have adults in your class you should take the next facts into consideration.

•Adults learn best by experience.
•They refuse to change their paradigms.
•An adult wants to learn something useful for his/her everyday personal and professional life.
•They are committed to their own learning.
•Adults do not feel confident when they are learning and they easily get nervous and ashamed.
•An adult likes to create their own concept.
•Make sure you are teaching them in their own context.

Knowing these and other particularities of adults may help you teaching your class if you have one or more adults in your class.