1st steps on Linguistics.

Hello reader(s).

We are one month away of the Anglo Forum in Mexico city; as you know, I am giving a workshop in the forum.

What is relevant here is that I am a novice, I am just a teacher whose experience is not more than 18 months, an English Language Teaching student who aims to get a MA in Linguistics. I am an unknown guy trying to say something to all those experts in methodology.

But, what really frightens me the most, is the fact that I will be sharing the title ‘speaker’ with David Crystal, the famous British linguist. Am I ready to do this? Will I meet the expectations? Is this step going to be the first of many more? Will I reach my goals?

Linguistics, The Anglo Forum is the beginning, I will get you. Then I’ll say: this is a small word for lexis, but it is a huge sentence for me.


My 1st experience as speaker

When I started to study English language some years ago, I didn’t imagine that one day I could be giving a workshop, keynote address or lecture in front on the most recognised educators in the field of English Language Teaching in Mexico.

Yesterday I received an e-mail from the The Anglo (this is not an advertising) informing me that our proposal (my colleague Claudia and I are working together) for the Anglo Forum was accepted. Our workshop will be part of of the event.

This will be the first time we participate as speakers in any event in the field of ELT.

I would like to thank all the people who has helped me in my personal and professional life. I would like to mention one of the most influential teachers in my professional life. M.E. Ellen Graber.