On the Anglo Forum Experience

…So we arrived in time, rather a little late. As soon as we received our packages and checked in, we walked towards the first plenary session.

Simon Brewster was there giving his speech. Soon his words made us to look at each other. Surprisingly, he was talking about the same things we were going to say in our introduction. Then was Paul Seligson who said something related to our topic. -That’s not a big deal, the forum is on one topic and so many presentations might be related to each other.

We, 1st time speakers, were anxious and didn’t know what to expect. -Why our proposal was accepted?- At first we thought many unpleasant things. But suddenly, after the first plenary, we knew that we had something interesting to share. We got more confidence after Paul Seligson’s plenary. Our presentation perfectly fit┬áthe content of the forum…

By the time our participation finished, satisfaction filled our souls. But that, that is another part of the story.