How do you answer a question?

Information questions inquiry for specific information, some of them have to be answered with prepositions, others are more flexible or rigorous. Easy-to-answer questions are the ones that seek for an affirmation or a negation; in those cases a Yes or a No is sufficient to answer a question. Inquiring is not bad, it is necessary and is the way some people get knowledge.

However, there is a difficult and sometimes uncomfortable question that people avoid.

Have you ever suffered when you have to give reasons for this or that situation? Does anybody have disappointed you because of his or her answer? How often do you hear excuses instead of reasons?

I know this question is uncomfortable. If you ask me why do I know it, my answer will include facts, reasons or thoughts.

But, Is it bad or good to ask it? I don’t know, I have had many problems and I have been in trouble many times, though.

Is it good or bad to ask for reasons?

Do you like to answer why-questions?

Is asking why-questions helpful for your students?

Please, help me answering the above questions. And the most important part, WHY do you think so?Image