1st steps on Linguistics.

Hello reader(s).

We are one month away of the Anglo Forum in Mexico city; as you know, I am giving a workshop in the forum.

What is relevant here is that I am a novice, I am just a teacher whose experience is not more than 18 months, an English Language Teaching student who aims to get a MA in Linguistics. I am an unknown guy trying to say something to all those experts in methodology.

But, what really frightens me the most, is the fact that I will be sharing the title ‘speaker’ with David Crystal, the famous British linguist. Am I ready to do this? Will I meet the expectations? Is this step going to be the first of many more? Will I reach my goals?

Linguistics, The Anglo Forum is the beginning, I will get you. Then I’ll say: this is a small word for lexis, but it is a huge sentence for me.