I teach naked at my school.

Would you like to go to your school and teach naked?

Actually, I do.

Please, don’t judge me. I’ll explain you what I mean.

It is true that I teach “naked”. Don’t think I arrive at school and take off my clothes. What I mean when I say naked, is that in our school we don’t have access to that beautiful and powerful tool that everybody is talking about: technology.

I must admit that technology is more accessible everyday, it makes our lives more comfortable, it is a very useful tool in the field of education, and that I love it.

But, have you ever thought about those places where electricity is not available? Have you been to a school made out of wood? Have you taught in any rural school?

There are lots of schools where technology, and even the most basic services such as electricity are not available. This is not privative of Mexico, but it is the real thing for many countries in the world, specially those called “emergent economies”. -Due to their characteristics, those countries are evolving into a better one. Unfortunately, there are big socioeconomic differences in the population that lead to this deficit of opportunities.

English language is being taught all over the world, specially on those emergent markets. As a result of the process, English in such countries is really important in the process of globalisation.

People want to learn English in someway or another. In some cases governors realise that they need to implement changes in order to satisfy that demand. Unfortunately, here is the problem, we speak of the use of technology into the classroom indistinctly; we tend to forget our reality.

That is why, me and my coworker at “Isaac Arriaga” Rural Elementary School, in Morelia Michoacan, present an easy to develop technique that has been forgotten.

Claudia and I will be presenting our workshop “Teaching naked just with drawings” at the First Anglo Forum in Mexico city on February 23rd.

If you find this topic interesting fell free to comment.


Clothes off!

Have you ever heard the Gym Class Heros’ single Clothes off?

Playing the single should be first thing we do to break the ice in our workshop in the Anglo Forum. It makes reference to the title of our workshop.

Soon I will let you know what it is about, but in the mean time take your clothes off and enjoy the song & video.

My 1st experience as speaker

When I started to study English language some years ago, I didn’t imagine that one day I could be giving a workshop, keynote address or lecture in front on the most recognised educators in the field of English Language Teaching in Mexico.

Yesterday I received an e-mail from the The Anglo (this is not an advertising) informing me that our proposal (my colleague Claudia and I are working together) for the Anglo Forum was accepted. Our workshop will be part of of the event.

This will be the first time we participate as speakers in any event in the field of ELT.

I would like to thank all the people who has helped me in my personal and professional life. I would like to mention one of the most influential teachers in my professional life. M.E. Ellen Graber.

Teaching Adults

Is there any adult in your class?

If you have adults in your class you should take the next facts into consideration.

•Adults learn best by experience.
•They refuse to change their paradigms.
•An adult wants to learn something useful for his/her everyday personal and professional life.
•They are committed to their own learning.
•Adults do not feel confident when they are learning and they easily get nervous and ashamed.
•An adult likes to create their own concept.
•Make sure you are teaching them in their own context.

Knowing these and other particularities of adults may help you teaching your class if you have one or more adults in your class.

Tips for the convention

Hello readers! (specially those of you who are going to the MEXTESOL CONVENTION in Puerto Vallarta)

As you know the great event of MEXTESOL is close. The idea of a convention in a coastal city seems interesting and full of fun and recreation. You may want to party and have fun in the nocturnal life. But in this kind of events there are plenty of activities to do, that probably you will find yourself in a difficult or unpleasant situation of giving up weather recreation or education. In order to help you, I will share some tips to attend this event.

Some of you have had the opportunity to assist to these events and you will not let me lie.

First of all, you may read carefully the program of the event, by doing this you will be able to know what to expect of each activity during the convention, then you may decide what to do according to your interests. There are work-shops, book presentations, conferences and more.

Another important aspect of the event is the schedule. Activities are programmed from 9 AM to 6:30 PM with some breaks for meals, those breaks are really short! 30 minutes, each?

Workshops are great because you can learn doing the activity by yourself (and not only hearing from the speakers). As many workshops are cool, you may not miss none of them; if you go with friends, you may want to spread out yourselves and attend different workshops and share your learning later with your pals.

Plenaries are the big presentations of the day. Each day opens and closes with a plenary, some might think this is an strategical movement to keep people all day long in the event (I do).

Once you have decided which events you will attend, it is time to know something about the book-exhibitors. They offer new and innovative materials, and they want you with them. They organise their big-presentations at the same hour (all of those presentations are officially scheduled). You may want buy some books or that new didactic material; I suggest you to take some money with you.

Speaking of recreation, the local organisers prepare some leisure activities. Those activities may not fulfil our expectations but they are great for socialisation (imagine meeting all those famous and important speakers from prestigious universities!)

Besides the activities organised by the hosts, the publishing houses may prepare some private events, such as cocktail parties, that you can attend if you participate more actively with them (i.e. if you become a “VIP TEACHER”).

For those who love technology and social networks (myself included), publishing houses use social networks to advertise their products and let us know special offers.

Finally, do not forget your positive attitude to learn and grow. This is a great event where we can improve our oral & hearing skills; people is kind and speakers are there for us.

Everything is ready, I hope you enjoy the trip. It does not matter if you assist to all or one presentation, I am sure you will learn a lot and you will not regret of going to the 39th International MEXTESOL Convention.


Mextesol convention

Hello readers!

The date of the next International Convention of MEXTESOL is getting closer. I am exited of assisting to my second international event.

Those events are great places to learn, meet and improve your teaching. I had the fortune to be in the convention last year; it was here in Morelia Mexico, my hometown, and I really enjoyed the experience.

This year the annual meeting is going to be in Puerto Vallarta; I AM READY. (Less than a month away we are preparing our luggage!)
Believe me, it is not just the beach but the convention and all the possibilities to learn and grow what I am waiting for.

If you are attending this magnificent event see you there.

Teachers and students of English, if you have the opportunity to assist to one of these events, you should not let it pass, you will love it.


I am here.

I am glad people visit my blog. Unfortunately I have not posted anything since last…. I do not even remember when.


Encourage me to post more frequently. Give some advice or suggestions for my posts, I will thank you a lot.


By the way, Hello People!!!

Kinaesthetic teachers who do not teach kinaesthetically

Some time ago somebody asked me why a kinaesthetic teacher couldn’t teach kinaesthetically. My answer was some kind of evasive.

But know, after some experience, I can say that this happens because the teacher is so involved in the class trying to cover the visual and auditory learners that he/she actually is covering the necessity of movements of himself or herself.

Unfortunately, this is a common mistake of myself. But I have realised that I am wrong, so I am aware of what I am doing not so good while teaching to my kinaesthetic students.

This might be someone else’s situation. My recommendation, as a kinaesthetic student and teacher, is to try to be less selfish and remember that your students need the same level of activity as you need, or more!

Important question!

Hello readers!!!

Today I am listening to an English programme and something interesting occurred. The fact is that I am a person whose mother tongue is not English. The other important fact is that I am from Mexico, and as you might know, we are neighbours to the USA.

Well, it is expected, for a person like me who hasn’t been to Great Britain, to learn and be used to the American English, but curiously I find it more easy to follow conversations between British people than Americans.

Do you have any idea why this happens? Do you know other cases like mine? What is your personal experience?

Please feel free to comment.


Hello Readers!


I have been doing some things to prepare myself for my new style of life. Next week I start working as an English teacher in an elementary school in Morelia.

I’d like to thank all of you who have helped me in my preparation. I know I need more help, so I will be posting  here if I have difficulties.

There is another blog of mine (mocwrites.wordpress.com) where I publish another sort of information, feel free and comment in both sites.

Thanks again.