About Moc

As years pass by, my experience gets its shape, it starts to count and now makes a difference when I am teaching. I might say it is a little bigger than 4 years ago when I started studying ELT; a little smaller if we compare it to the point it was three and a half revolutions around the Sun ago when I first taught an English class.

Books have been read and some of them two or three times by me. It is not easy to get me up all night to read, but when it comes to knowledge and some kind of fiction, romance, drama or comedy, it might happen that a writer makes me say “let’s do it again.”

If I am not studying you will find me cooking or playing video games; If neither studying nor the latter to my wife belongs my attention.

One more thing you should know; it will come a time when London is going to be the destination.



2 thoughts on “About Moc

  1. Hi!!!
    I’s nice that you’ve already made a blog.

    I don’t have any email and I have a doubt.

    Where is the syllabus thing???

    I can just see the central part from the JustPlainEnglish blog!!!

    Thanks very much!!

  2. Hello Ale!!

    I have checked the blog and found out that the theme of the blog is different from the previous one.
    I am afraid I cannot help you. But I’ll leave a comment in the teahcer’s blos so she can check it out.

    By the way, you commented in the TKT blog, the one for the Academic Writing course is http://mocwrites.wordpress.com/ it doesn’t matter.

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