Intense work we had during the three-day workshop in collaboration with the British Council Mexico, Buró-Buró and Laboratorio para la ciudad.


It was all about Mathematics, English and Technology. In multidisciplinary teams, we developed some prototypes of apps to teach Maths in 5th and 6th grades in the Mexican Public Education System.

In addition to the inclusion technology to the teaching of Mathematics, we had to include the teaching of English, so that at the end, students and teachers would take advantage of technology to teach and learn both Mathematics and English Language.

After three days three different prototypes were selected; all the work was done by a group of at least 35 people from different backgrounds and perspectives. Teachers, PhD students from British universities, Graphic Designers, Programmers exchanged ideas about the critical situation of the Teaching of Math in the country to integrate their ideas for the app.

After three days of hard work, the workshop came to its end, the prototypes were selected and I gathered lots of new knowledge, many friends, and a Great Experience working in multidisciplinary teams.

Next time you see a Maths app, it might include some of the ideas we provided to their development.

See you soon!




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