Constructivism: easy or difficult?

Recently, I was talking to my classmates about Constructivism in the Language Classroom. We mentioned different aspects of this theory through psychological and educational approaches and during our hour of intense discussion we could not define why many teachers do no take advantage of this theory.


It seems that for all of us this theory is not difficult to understand but there is something that stops the practice of it inside the language classrooms, and in general inside any classroom in Mexico.

It has been seen that a great amount of teachers proclaim that they teach using the most recent theories in Education, but the reality is that those proclaims are just that, declarations and affirmations that lack on facts that support them.

It is our essential concern to know what happens here in Mexico – and in some other countries if it were the case – so we can work on some strategies to help teachers to consider Constructivism as an alternative to their actual methodology.


We identified three main questions that might help us understand this situation. Is the Constructivist theory so difficult to understand and thus we guess that we know it? Is it, in fact, easy but teachers do not know how to implement constructivist activities in their classrooms? And the last and most worrying one, Do teachers know and understand the Theory but they prefer not to change their methodology just because they are so used to the way they teach and changing may imply more effort?


Comments and opinions are welcomed!


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