What is your opinion?

ImageParallel structure in English Language  writing helps writers to save words and to avoid sound repetitive. It is very useful when someone is writing a list or a series of words from the same class; verbs, adverbs or adjectives, for instance.

In any case, the writer starts the sentence as if it were a simple one, then he writes a comma and the following words separated by the necessary commas.

It is easy and useful, isn’t it? But, what happens when you have this structure for 3rd graders in the beginning level of English Language?

Is it right to use the parallel structure when you are teaching to 3rd graders the uses of “want”, “need” & “wish”?

I would rather not using it, at least not in the first and only lesson & activity about it.

Write your comments, your feedback is very important.


One thought on “What is your opinion?

  1. Moc, I just tweeted your post. let’s see if you get any response.
    Remember that you need to follow your objective and not teach EVERYTHING, even if you think it is grammatically important. If they are not ready to learn it and use it, then leave it be. They are being exposed to language without having to learn it all in one sitting.

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