Clothes off!

Have you ever heard the Gym Class Heros’ single Clothes off?

Playing the single should be first thing we do to break the ice in our workshop in the Anglo Forum. It makes reference to the title of our workshop.

Soon I will let you know what it is about, but in the mean time take your clothes off and enjoy the song & video.


2 thoughts on “Clothes off!

  1. Moc, Just thought I’d ask….what is your workshop about? This video is pretty racy and I waas just wondering about the context in which you were going to include it…

    • Hello Ellen!

      Sorry for this post; I just post it as I came to my mind. This should be a question and I shouldn’t post the video. I was thinking how would i break the ice. It definitely is not appropriate.

      The workshop is entitled ‘teaching naked just with drawings’. We try to encourage teachers to learn some drawing techniques. Not only as a backup plan but also as an easy, cheap and fun way to create their own homemade visuals.

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