Teaching Adults

Is there any adult in your class?

If you have adults in your class you should take the next facts into consideration.

•Adults learn best by experience.
•They refuse to change their paradigms.
•An adult wants to learn something useful for his/her everyday personal and professional life.
•They are committed to their own learning.
•Adults do not feel confident when they are learning and they easily get nervous and ashamed.
•An adult likes to create their own concept.
•Make sure you are teaching them in their own context.

Knowing these and other particularities of adults may help you teaching your class if you have one or more adults in your class.


One thought on “Teaching Adults

  1. Moc,
    Exactly. Teacher adults is a tricky business. However, I am fascinated at one aspect of teaching adults. They are very conscientious about missing work or classes; in fact I have seen them so conscientious that they ask me for permission to leave the class early!!!

    Isn’t that more in line with what we are taught to do in primary school? I guess throughout a passive learning life, we take on certain roles that are difficult to break…adults don’t change paradigms!

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