Mextesol convention

Hello readers!

The date of the next International Convention of MEXTESOL is getting closer. I am exited of assisting to my second international event.

Those events are great places to learn, meet and improve your teaching. I had the fortune to be in the convention last year; it was here in Morelia Mexico, my hometown, and I really enjoyed the experience.

This year the annual meeting is going to be in Puerto Vallarta; I AM READY. (Less than a month away we are preparing our luggage!)
Believe me, it is not just the beach but the convention and all the possibilities to learn and grow what I am waiting for.

If you are attending this magnificent event see you there.

Teachers and students of English, if you have the opportunity to assist to one of these events, you should not let it pass, you will love it.



2 thoughts on “Mextesol convention

  1. This will be awesome, running on the beach early in the morning, learning, growing and sharing during the day, meeting new people and sharing more at night in a gorgeous place. This will be wonderful!

    • Hello Ellen! I am sorry for accidentally trashing your comment. I did not realise it until today when I was reading comments in my blog and could not find your comment.
      See you soon!

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