Kinaesthetic teachers who do not teach kinaesthetically

Some time ago somebody asked me why a kinaesthetic teacher couldn’t teach kinaesthetically. My answer was some kind of evasive.

But know, after some experience, I can say that this happens because the teacher is so involved in the class trying to cover the visual and auditory learners that he/she actually is covering the necessity of movements of himself or herself.

Unfortunately, this is a common mistake of myself. But I have realised that I am wrong, so I am aware of what I am doing not so good while teaching to my kinaesthetic students.

This might be someone else’s situation. My recommendation, as a kinaesthetic student and teacher, is to try to be less selfish and remember that your students need the same level of activity as you need, or more!


One thought on “Kinaesthetic teachers who do not teach kinaesthetically

  1. Hello Moc,
    I think this is a process we all go through. We might be kinaesthetic ourselves, and therefore fulfill our movement needs as we teach class. Our classes may be overcrowded, thus creating more of a need to move among students.

    The trick is to learn an arsenal of movement songs, rhymes, and create contexts in which students must move. Have you considered a sticky wall of your own?

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