Important question!

Hello readers!!!

Today I am listening to an English programme and something interesting occurred. The fact is that I am a person whose mother tongue is not English. The other important fact is that I am from Mexico, and as you might know, we are neighbours to the USA.

Well, it is expected, for a person like me who hasn’t been to Great Britain, to learn and be used to the American English, but curiously I find it more easy to follow conversations between British people than Americans.

Do you have any idea why this happens? Do you know other cases like mine? What is your personal experience?

Please feel free to comment.


One thought on “Important question!

  1. Maybe you were British in a prior life. I’m guessing that Margaret Thatcher may even be your great great grandchild.

    P.S. I teach English at ITESM in Morelia. Welcome to the club. –Frank

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