Bloom’s Taxonomy

Some days ago, weeks to be more exact, in my class of  “Comprension Auditiva y Expresión Oral”, as they call it, I implemented some aspects of Bloom’s Taxonomy without knowing it.

After reading those articles about this learning process I was able to recognize the six steps and could apply them better in my next exposition.

Here you have the comparison between  our (because it was a team work) two presentations.

In the first presentation we asked our classmates to do some exercises, the incomplete taxonomy was as follows.

We talked about Lazaro Cardenas’ life and at the end we had a chatting club in which I asked my classmates some questions  about the biography.

REMEMBERING: We asked our classmates to say the names of Cardenas’ relatives.

ANALISYNG: We asked them the following question about Cardenas’ marriage: What was the problem of marrying a soldier?

EVALUATING: There was another question about the private life of Cardenas and his wife. We asked them what would they have done if a daughter of theirs wanted to marry a soldier.

CREATING: The last relevant question we asked was about some reforms in education that Cardenas did. We asked them What would have happened with education in Mexico if Lazaro Cardenas had not created the IPN?

Some days ago, and after reading and understanding the Bloom’s Taxonomy, my team gave the last presentation of the course. As usual we assessed our classmates through the conversation club. This time with Bloom’s Taxonomy in mind.

We talked about senses.

REMEMBERING: We asked our classmates to recall the five senses.

UNDERSTANDING: The activity here was to explain in their own words about one of the five senses.

APPLYING: We asked them to tell us a situation where senses can be affected because of pollution.

ANALYSING: Students had to think about some other alternatives to prevent blindness.

EVALUATING: We presented some cases of senses which are more developed than the others. We asked our classmates to tell us some pros and cons of those cases.

CREATING: We asked them to create an ad campaign to take care of our senses.

That’s all for the Bloom’s Taxonomy.


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