How do we learn new vocabulary?

Hello People!

How many different ways to learn vocabulary words do you know?

I have learnt in different ways, some of them are memorizing, translating, making relation between words and images, listening to and using them in sentences.

Besides the fact that most people learn vocabulary by heart, nowadays, teachers are changing the way they teach new vocabulary to their students. For me, as a pedagogy student I have learnt that people acquire knowledge through senses.

There are people who learn by his eyes, they are called “visuals”. People who are visual tend to forget what they hear, but they are good learners when they can see what they are supposed to learn. For this people graphics and coloured letters and words are the best way to learn.

Another type is the auditory learner; they learn better when they hear. This type of learner, in my own point of view, has more difficulties to learn new vocabulary because they need to hear, and I do not know any tool to help them. The only way I know is that teachers read aloud the meaning of the word to the auditory student.

The other type is the kinaesthetic. You should know I am a kinaesthetic person. For this kind of people the best way to learn something new is to manipulate things as they learn by their sense of touch.

Summarizing, the best way to learn new vocabulary depends on the type of learner each person is. And, in my own experience the best way to learn vocabulary is when I can be in contact with the “new” words, it doesn’t matter if it is touching or using them when I speak.

P.S. I would like to share these internet sites where you can play and learn.

For basic level words

Idioms are vocabulary too.

The next link offers many activities to learn new vocabulary:

Enjoy your practice!!! And see you on Saturday!!!


3 thoughts on “How do we learn new vocabulary?

  1. I agree with you, there is not a unique method to teach different kind of students at the same time, they all learn at a different rhythm and in different ways, as teachers it’s our duty to respond according to their needs, but as hard as it may sounds not all the teachers are prepared to face this kind of challenge.
    We need to know a lot of different techniques and try to combine the most successful ones, to combine them or even try to create one that will show better results in the way our students learn and improve their skills, to be self-sufficient to learn according to their needs.

    enjoyed the 2nd game, kinda funy… thx

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