www.What Was Wrong?

What was wrong? It was my first thought. Because I cannot understand why he said we weren’t good enough, and neither can my friends.

Now, a few hours later, once I’ve thought things clearer than I did when the teacher told us that we needed repeat our work, I DO understand what happened with our presentation.

The fact is that, when you combine a teacher whose experience is over 25 years -not to mention his age- and whose mind is more busy in his chores than in  his students’ education; 23 students who doesn’t like to pay attention to the teacher; a pinch of haughtiness from the work team, and two days to cover 16 pages of the wretched anthology that the teacher gave us. The result, with no doubt will be a terrible disappointment.

That’s why I, as a student and as a future teacher, recommend you teachers to explain clearly what you want, and please don’t change your mind, at least not without notifying your students about it; and you students to be more responsible about your own education.

Remember, Traditional education doesn’t work anymore.


2 thoughts on “www.What Was Wrong?

  1. Of course that is a terrible combination. Moreover if you guys are prejudiced about the behaviour of your teacher. Maybe you should work hard and demand your teacher’s attention.

  2. Moc, Our reality in Mexico is that the majority of classrooms are still taught in traditional methods. You have chosen to study in a school which follows traditional patterns in education and will not change soon. As a future teacher, you can develop your own path within the environment you are studying so that the students you will be forming in the future will benefit the most.

    Your professor has something to share, even though you feel frustrated in his class. Keep focused and see what there is to learn. Meanwhile, I see that you are unleashing your creative powers on your blog. Congratulations on your Voki and the cluster map additions. Ellen

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