Why and How I started studying English

Don’t you think it is typical that mexican mothers want her sons and daughters to study another language? Of course they want us, their  precious children, to study English, not only because it sounds nice and elegant, but because it is, nowadays, the most important language.

My mother is one of those typical moms who thinks that his son must study hard. When she noticed that I wasn’t doing well at college,she started to insist that I should study English as a second language and then become a teacher. Here is where my story begins.

It was 2005, I was talking about my future plans with my girlfriend, she used to say she wanted to study in a foreign country, she was crazy about the idea of getting a scholarship in London. I used to say it was a good idea and then say to myself that it was impossible because I didn’t want to study English! Later that day, my mother came to us and told us to sign up in the language department in the university, I as usual, started an argument with my mother.

Some days later, I don’t exactly know why, I told Pau I wanted to study English. She was very happy, in my personal opinion she was more surprised than happy, she knew I disliked English as much as children dislike Maths or broccoli. I was not sure about my decision, but at last I had made up my mind so I wouldn’t disappoint Pau.

The day arrived and we went to the language department, we were rookies, there was too many people there who had arrived the previous night (we arrived at 9:00 AM), we couldn’t register that day. For me it was a disaster, we were waiting in the line only to see how the woman who was receiving our papers closed the window and told us to come back next semester. I was furious and blamed the day I had decided to study English.

For the next six months I hated English, I didn’t want to hear a word in English. But when the registrations were closer my feelings of anger disappeared, probably because Pau’s comments about trying it again. She convinced me and we were there again. The second time we got there at seven sharp, the consequence: we didn’t get a registration paper, WORST than the previous experience!!!

Pau was determined to enter that semester, she made some calls and five minutes later we were in the principal’s office filling out the form. The director told us that we wouldn’t be in the same classroom. I wanted to reject the offer but I couldn’t. I thought I could do that.

The first semester ended and my dislike for English had gone away, since that day my interest in the language has grown everyday.


2 thoughts on “Why and How I started studying English

  1. Hello Moc
    All I can say is thank you for your perseverence, persistance and patience in learning English. You have done a great job, and England doesn’t seem that far away, does it? Good job on setting up your blog.

  2. That lines for the inscription in the Language Department of UMSNH are legendary! I have asked myself why if it is inhuman to have a bunch of students camping in the campus a night before the date of inscription they (the lines) still don’t disappear and the only answer I got was because students actually like it. I root for the inscription to be completely online.

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